Home Security Tips

Our experience with customers who have suffered a great loss of possession, have lead us to develop a simple, 7 stage check, to keep the next thieve from visiting your home.

I.  Secure all of your doors and windows, and sure the locks found of these doors and windows work properly!
II.  Never – ever – leave you keys under your mat or anywhere neart the doors or windows!
III.  Keep your jewelerries and cash in a secure safe! Dont settle for less then a modetn, digital safe!
IV. Always leave the light on in your living room, to make it seem as though someone’s home. Leaving the TV no is also a great idea!
V.  Ladders and garden tools are likely to be stolen as well. Ask us for a suitable chain to secure your garden tools.
VI.  When not in use, store our fame consoles in a hidden place or a locked closet.
VII. If you have an alarm system, make sure you leave as many reminder notes as possible, to always turn it on when you leave your house.

If you do not have an alarm or a CCTV at home, please contact us to solve this problem for you!

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